Stanislav Evstatiev - Once he has a bug in his head, it's hard to take it out, and he is almost every time up with a good solution to a hard prolem. Sometimes it isn't justified by money - the time spend, but he is simply that kind of creature - once into the problem, he has to get it out. Along being idea generator he is now doing the administrative management @ Garga Games.

Ivan Kolev - a programmer with master degree in computer science from Sofia University. And Varna Math High School before it. He wrote almost 100% of the Shag code and has the know how on 3D graphic stuff and mathematics. He is making most fun when he is coding games. Ivan was a lead programmer on internet database management project for a year and a half. Then he was lead programmer on several game projects for PC and PocketPC in Garga Games Company. Now he is in GIS programming.


Plamen Marinov - if the team has a technical problem, Plamen is the solution. He knows everything and is a real work machine - when the work has to be done - it is done (he simply does it!). We all find that amazing and when we have a question that requires the knowledge of the real world - we simply ask him. And he gives the answer! You can check his personal page HERE.

Nikolai Spassov - when we do what we do Nikolai is the inspiration and support. He knows everything - but by little bits. He can do a little coding when needed, a little CG, a little pre-press, a little controller assembly programing, a little hardware repair. When you need just a little help - he can give you a great shoulder!


Vassil Spassov - Nikolai's big brother. Works at Game Loft - Bulgaria.

Stefan Didak - To us he is the "know how" of the CGI industry, and a close digital friend. Visit his creations HERE.

Atanas Jordanov - if we can put design and creative into one word this is Sarta. And that's his nick actually!

Miroslava Arnaudova - Designer, photographer, animator - and a true visioner! Check her site.

to all our friends - thank you !